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Sea Tiger Hawaii Shipwreck Scuba Diving

Type of Dive Visibility Max Depth Average Depth Bottom Time Difficulty 1-10
Shipwreck 60-100ft. 120ft. 85ft. 27 Minutes 7.5

The Hawaii shipwreck Sea Tiger, located off of Oahu is a great Hawaii shipwreck scuba dive that is both easy to dive and has amazing sea life as well.

This Oahu shipwreck, the Sea Tiger was put down by the now out-of-business Nautilus Submarine company back in 1999. The Sea Tiger sits in approximately 120 feet of water. Diving the Sea Tiger of Oahu is quit easy yet this wreck can give unsuspecting Hawaii scuba divers a few headaches. First of all , only scuba dive this Hawaii shipwreck located off the Oahu coast if you are an advanced scuba diver OR a avid scuba diver with plenty of experience. Ok so lets do some Hawaii scuba diving. Getting out to the Sea Tiger is as simple as calling us. We depart daily at 07:30 everyday for the Sea Tiger and YO-257 Hawaii shipwreck expeditions.

The ride takes approximately 8 minutes from the Kewalo Boat Basin. This particular harbor is excellent for Oahu scuba diving charters. Scenic views of Waikiki and the majestic Diamond will thrill any Oahu scuba diver. It's incredible how blue the Pacific waters with the occasionally spinner dolphin pod escorting us all the way to the Sea Tiger. Once arriving on the Sea Tiger scene we hook up. Use the mooring line for this dive- occasionally the current is strong. On the descent down you will soon notice how the shipwreck starts to appear. Almost ghostly like the Sea Tiger is impressive. The length is roughly 165 feet and 30 feet wide. The Sea Tiger sits in 120 feet with the main decks at 90 feet.

You will notice right away the Sea Tiger is very much intact. There are some precautions that you will need to know. The hand rails around the upper and lower decks are broke, rusted and protruding outwards in some locations. Be careful around these areas, these pieces of metal are sharp and do cut Hawaii scuba divers. Penetrating this Hawaii shipwreck is very fun. Pay attention when entering the Sea Tiger. The inside area does have some over hangs, cables and sharp pipes. This is one of the better things about the Sea Tiger shipwreck- the penetration. But don't stay too long inside, the outer area of the shipwreck Sea Tiger does have a lot of neat and exotic marine animals- mainly turtles, eagle rays and white tip reef sharks.

The main decks of the Sea Tiger are around 90 feet. You will notice 2 big square holds on the main deck. Head on in, this was the Sea Tiger's refrigeration holds. Watch your time on the Sea Tiger. Usually bottoms are around 25 minutes however this depends on how deep you went to. Remember the bottom is 120 feet. Remember once you start your accent make sure you stop at 15 feet for your three minute safety stop.

Scuba diving on Oahu. Scuba diving this Oahu shipwreck is an excellent experience with Oahu Scuba Diving.