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Oahu's San Pedro Wreck Hawaii

Type of Dive Visibility Max Depth Average Depth Bottom Time Difficulty 1-10
Shipwreck 60-100ft. 85ft. 70ft. 26 Minutes 6.5

Hawaii shipwreck the San Pedro Hawaii located off of the coast of Waikiki in 80 feet of water off the island of Oahu is a must Hawaii scuba dive.

The San Pedro, probably one of Oahu's easiest shipwreck in terms of depths YET still remains one of the trickiest Hawaii shipwrecks to penetrate. This shipwreck of Oahu was put down in 1994 by the Atlantis Submarine Company for aesthetic reason and to provide a better scene fro taking customers on their submarine. The San Pedro had its origins as a Korean fishing boat working in the south Pacific until making its home in Hawaii. Some how Atlantis got a hold of the boat from a debunked business and the rest is scuba history. The San Pedro sits in 85 feet of water with the main decks at 65 and 70 feet. The upper decks have caved in due to recent storms in the past years however the main hull is still intake supporting a large amount of marine life. Sharks, rays, eels and plenty of Hawaiian green sea turtles to thrive.

Penetrating the San Pedro shipwreck is easy however caution should be used due to the fact the upper wheel house has collapsed. Enter carefully and do watch your hands, feet and head. Do not have any lose equipment that could easily get tangled on this wreck- bent pieces of metal and steel are all to common thus increasing your chances of a problem. Bottom times are really good here. 30 minutes us very common. Keep your eyes on those gauges, this fun little wreck can keep your attention. Use around 700PSI for the limit on this dive because you still want to do a safety stop at 15 feet for 3 minutes. San Pedro shipwreck of Oahu located in Hawaii is a great shipwreck for divers of pretty much all levels. Even divers with as little as 6 or 7 dives can easily dive this Oahu scuba diving site.

Oahu Scuba Diving dives this site weekly so call us to check on schedules for this trip. Aloha

Precautions on the San Pedro Shipwreck Hawaii

  • Make sure you understand deep diving
  • Properly plan this advanced Oahu scuba dive (we always do)
  • Use up-to-date gear, not your friends gear that you have never used
  • Pay attention to the currents, can be dangerous at the San Pedro
  • Watch your hands, feet and head when diving around the San Pedro Shipwreck
  • Watch those air gauges. 1000PSI is a great number to start back up.
  • Safely stop at 15 feet for 3 minutes

San Pedro shipwreck diving Hawaii located off of Oahu. Oahu's best south shore shipwreck diving location.