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Oahu's scuba diving locations- Wreck Dives Hawaii

Scuba diving Oahu is one of the easiest activities on Oahu. This island is blessed with 365 days of year scuba diving from Honolulu, diving Waikiki and scuba diving amazing wrecks. Each side of Oahu has a particular interesting geographical layout that truly makes Oahu diving some of the better dives in Hawaii. At Hawaii Shipwreck Diving Tours we dive all over; we mainly work out of the south and south east shore where usually the diving conditions in Oahu are year round plus the wreck dives in Hawaii are located in these areas. Great for novice divers and professional divers alike. Popular dives such as the Yo-257, The Corsair wreck and the Sea Tiger are minutes away from Waikiki. These dives and others such as Sea Caves and Spitting Caves are among the best dive locations in Oahu.

Hawaii Wreck Diving Tours South Shore Diving Points (Waikiki)
YO-257 Shipwreck 70-115ft. Sea Tiger Shipwreck 80-120ft.
San Pedro Shipwreck 60-85ft. YS-11 Plane Wreck 115ft.
Horseshoe Reef Dive 30-60ft. Kewalo Pipe Reef Dive 40-60ft.
Nautilus Reef Dive 30-50ft. Turtle Canyons Waikiki Reef Dive 20-30ft.
Hawaii Wreck Diving Tours South East Shore Diving Points (Hawaii Kai)
Baby Barge 80ft. Mini Barge 60-85ft.
Corner Pockets Reef 40-60ft. Corsair Plane Wreck 115ft.
Spitting Caves 40-60ft. Anglers Fish Reef 40-50ft.
Fantasy Reef 40-60ft. Sea Caves 50-70 ft.

Listed above are some of Oahu's best scuba diving locations. We can go on and on with Hawaii dive locations in Oahu pretty much devoting a whole web page on this topic. We took Oahu's diving locations and narrowed it down the best dive spots we think our customers would like the most. Remember diving in Oahu is an endless adventure, with new diving locations found yearly again it would take a dedicated website to document Oahu's best scuba diving locations.

Oahu's south and south east sides of the island have the best diving throughout the year. These locations usually have very good visibility. Typical marine life that is seen here is turtles, butterfly fish of various types, reef sharks, rays such as the sting ray and eagle and lastly trigger fish. Most divers in Oahu prefer the clear waters of this location. Diving depths may vary depending on what areas of Oahu you scuba dive at. From the shore the best reef dives start from 40 feet. These types of dives are great for novice divers and advance scuba divers that want a nice long bottom time. The bottom composition on this side of the island gently slopes downward. A few sections of Oahu have walls that do have abrupt deep areas. Diving locations such as Spitting Caves and Sea Caves do have certain areas where walls can go down to 60 feet of more.

Deeper areas of Oahu are great for wreck diving and shipwreck diving in Hawaii. We typically do dive locations such as the Mini Barge, Corsair plane wreck, the Yo-257, Sea Tiger and a bunch more. Factually speaking the Corsair wreck is the only casualty of poor judgment actually crashing in location where she sits to this day back in 1948. The story goes the pilot ran out of fuel then performed a water landing. The plane is intact, with the props bent back from the water landing this wreck is a great deep dive. Shipwreck dives such as the Yo-257 and Sea Tiger are also deep dives. However these shipwrecks have upper decks to focus your dives on. In other words you do not have to sit there at 110 feet for the duration of the dives. With the upper decks around 80 feet the bottom times can be extended some 15- 20 minutes. Of course each diver breaths differently.

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