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About Hawaii Shipwreck Diving Tours Oahu

Ever wanted to dive a little deeper in Hawaii on a shipwreck located in Oahu ? Have you scuba dived to the reefs, did many shallow dives and you just wanted a little bit more ? Well come out with Oahu Scuba Diving and do the shipwrecks in Hawaii. We scuba dive shipwrecks and wrecks almost everyday and would love the opportunity to introduce you to the best in shipwreck diving in Oahu. Shipwreck scuba diving is not for the professional diver. Wrecks in Oahu are very easy to dive providing great underwater experiences for your Hawaii vacation.

We pride ourselves with teaching divers of all levels of experience the fun side of Oahu shipwreck scuba diving. Our tours are fun, safe and very educational. You do not have to be an advanced scuba diver in Hawaii to enjoy the benefits of scuba diving in Oahu on Hawaii shipwrecks. Although it is best to be an advanced scuba diver with Oahu Scuba Diving we can take less experienced scuba divers down to these exciting marvels of the sea. Oahu has many shipwrecks, plane wrecks and barges that litter the ocean floors, not to far from the coast of Oahu. Even if you are staying in Honolulu or Waikiki, scuba diving is just right outside your lanai. Diving on the wrecks are easy, even slight penetration with us on these wrecks are ok. We know the layouts of these wrecks by the back of our hands and can show a great adventure.

Shipwreck diving in Oahu starts with a good plan. Proper planning is a must for these ships can give a naive diver some serious issues. The shipwrecks in Oahu can be dangerous. With hulls of steel, bent jagged pieces of metal wrecks can be a serious issue. Lets not forget that people have and will continue to get hurt on the Oahu shipwrecks. This is why Oahu Scuba Diving is prepared for anything that may happen. We have an incredible safety record while diving the various wrecks and shipwrecks in Oahu. With our experienced scuba diving instructors who understand these wrecks better than anyone you can rest assure we will take god care of you and your group. The first thing you will notice while scuba diving the Oahu wrecks is the clarity of the water. Most wrecks in Oahu sit in approximately 100 feet of water. This is the very bottom of course. The main decks where all the fun is at is roughly 80 feet allowing the diving to spend more quality time underwater. Remember the deeper you go the less time you can spend. Therefore we recommend keeping the dives on the decks as much as possible. More bottom time equals happy divers !

Watching your air is also a must on these wrecks. While diving shallow reefs most diver can get about 40 minutes of bottom time and still come back with around 600 psi of air. Wrecks are a totally different story. This is where you really have to be on your best behavior. Average bottom times last around 25 minutes, doing a 15 foot safety stop is also required on wreck dives past 80 feet. Oahu scuba diving as pretty much 360 days a year diving, with exception of the Kona Winds , which blow from the south east direction and cause uncomfortable boating conditions.

There are in Oahu many shipwrecks to choose from. Start with a shipwreck of Oahu that is somewhat "tame" to the average scuba diver. The Seatiger although deep at its max depth of 120 feet is usually a dive without a strong current. It seems to be a favored dive here on Oahu. Other wrecks like the Corsair plane wreck can be difficult due to the strong currants that are known in that area and the depth at 110 feet with no shallow decks to ride out the dive therefore bottom time needs to be watched carefully. The most requested among the Oahu shipwrecks or even the shipwrecks in Hawaii are the Yo-257 and the Corsair plane wreck. The Yo-257 is a great dive, fairly opened up and put down by the Atlantis Submarine Group this shipwreck in Oahu is a must dive.

If you are interested in scuba diving in Hawaii on Oahu shipwrecks please feel free to call us. We specialize in Oahu shipwreck tours. Hawaii Shipwreck Diving Tours of Waikiki.