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Kewalo Pipe Scuba Diving Location

Type of Dive Visibility Max Depth Average Depth Bottom Time Difficulty 1-10
Reef Dive 50-100ft. 65ft. 50ft. 30 Minutes 2

The Kewalo Pipe is a boat scuba dive located a quarter of a mile out from Kewalo boat basin. This dive site can dive done from the shore however taking a boat is the best idea. The Kewalo pipe is 45 feet to 65 feet in depth. A very nice, semi-beginner with an advanced reef feel type of dive. The pipe runs from the shoreline all the way out to around 65 feet in depth and was used as a water storm drain. On the pipe there is lots of coral growing, small fish, eels and other sea life nestled in the corals that cover the pipe. The entrance of the Kewalo pipe located at around 65 feet. Entering the pipe is not advisable due to eels and the obvious reason of width of opening.

The Kewalo pipe does have tons of reef life and is great for underwater picture taking. Occasional dragon moray eels hang are spotted here. With razor sharp teeth care must be exerted when getting close for a picture. Other interesting marine life that lives in this area are the Hawaiian stingray, spotted eagle rays and puffer fish that are commonly seen in the 65 foot zone.

When diving it is best to head a east of west direction once down on the pipe at around 50 feet. Heading east there is a nice cool reef that starts at 40 feet. Heading west- there're 2 reefs at around 50 feet with this unique concrete box that attracts a lot of fish life. Air monitoring is a must on this dive. This is a scuba dive that you just don't want to just head to the surface to take a quick look around. Boats frequent this area so use caution. Occasionally you can hear the boats of the nearby Kewalo boat channel. Stay underwater no need to surface. All in all the Kewalo pipe dive is a nice dive. this particular dive point is best when the south shore has good conditions. This is an easy dive for both nearly certified scuba divers and novices alike.