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Hawaii Scuba Diving

Hawaii scuba diving is both exciting and rewarding. While scuba diving in Oahu you will be blown away. Scuba diving in Honolulu was just a rumor years ago but now people are seeing how easy it is to dive in Honolulu! The Hawaiian island chain is blessed with the world's most unique aquatic sea life. Most people can only imagine what it is like to swim with turtles, sharks and even sting rays. Here in Hawaii, the marine life is thriving, very exotic and some found nowhere else on this planet, really like no other place. This is fact due to the isolated location of the Hawaiian island chain. Even if you are a novice diver in Hawaii, Oahu has the diving for you. The islands of Hawaii are surrounded with lush coral gardens with every imaginable fish. Remember, bring a underwater camera so you can share these memories with all.

But did you know, in Hawaii, mainly Oahu, is the United States' premier shipwreck diving capital. Sure there are interesting shipwrecks like the ones off of North Carolina and Florida. But those wrecks take hours to get to and the conditions are not guaranteed. The shipwrecks in Oahu are scattered all around which makes this very accessible to all levels of divers. Scuba diving in Oahu is a 365 day a year reality. With of course exceptions due to hurricanes which hardly make it here Oahu is truly a year round divers' dream. Thick wetsuits, cold water, dry suits are not even known here in Oahu. With water temperatures averaging year-round 77 degrees this in itself should be the reason why you choose Oahu as your diving destination. The water in Hawaii is warm. Most shipwrecks like the YO-257, Seatiger or plane wrecks such as the Corsair wreck only take on average 12-15 minutes of boat time to reach. Easy to get to making scuba diving in Oahu an easy adventure for anyone.

Scuba divers to Hawaii both novice and experts will be amazed at how close shipwreck diving is from literally your hotel room door. Staying in Honolulu or Waikiki means you are just 30 minutes away from the best shipwrecks dives in Hawaii. Getting picked up at 7AM with a return around 11:30 leaving you the whole day to see more attractions on Oahu.

Let it be known that Hawaii shipwrecks are not for beginner scuba divers in Hawaii. First time scuba divers participate on dives in different areas that are not as deep and requires less experience. Anyone interested in first time scuba diving should contact our diving partner Oahu Diving.

"From birth, man carries the weight of gravity on his shoulders. He is bolted to earth. But man has only to sink beneath the surface and he is free."
Jacques Yves Cousteau