Shipwreck scuba diving charters in Hawaii. Honolulu diving company dedicated to wreck dives in Oahu located near Waikiki. Sea Tiger wreck, Yo-257 wreck, Corsair plane scuba diving specialists. Hawaii shipwreck scuba diving in Oahu with daily wreck dives to famous shipwrecks such as the Yo-257 ship wrecks Sea Tiger Corsair plane wreck Oahu scuba diving tours

We use the finest Hawaii scuba dive boats on Oahu. All boats are U.S. Coast Guard certified. Scuba diving boats are located on 3 different areas of Oahu which means we have access to all Oahu shipwrecks and all diving locations in Oahu. kahala kai All dive boats are equipped with GPS for safe and hassle free navigation to all the unique diving locations. Each boat has the required number of life jackets, on board VHF radios with cellular communications. Oxygen kits are on board for any dive related incident. Since Oahu Scuba Diving specializes in wreck diving in Oahu we routinely depart from the Kewalo Boat Basin area.

From the Kewalo Boat Basin commute times to the Oahu wrecks take no more than 20 minutes and in some case as little as 12 minutes. The Kahala kai is the ultimate in diving comfort. Equipped with 2 restrooms, fresh water shower and easy to enter front stairway your diving adventure in Oahu will be that much better. With plenty of space in the back for your dry items the comfort level excels all dive boats in Oahu.

kahala kai sailing catamaran dive boat

Kahala kai sailing catamaran - Smooth riding bests describes this beautiful boat. 42 feet in length this sailing catamaran of Oahu can hold up to 36 people. Covering areas where the Yo-257 is located and the Seatiger shipwrecks, the Kahala kai is conveniently located just 5 minutes from Waikiki. Outboard Suzuki 4 stroke engines make cruising around the waters of the south shore very nice, quite and smooth. We routinely horst up the main sail for an surface interval sail, with views of Waikiki this best aptly described as "stunning." Going out sailing or scuba diving off the coast of Waikiki and Kewalo, nothing compares to the smooth sailing catamaran in Oahu.

The Kahala kai ws born and raised in the waters of Oahu. Hand built in Oahu, this sailing catamaran has all the necessary features you will need in a scuba diving boat here in Oahu. With 2 bathrooms and plenty of deck space, comfort is its real charm. In the back of this dive boat thee is plenty of shade to go around. Seating for 16 people in the back this is an excellent sailing catamaran and scuba diving boat. This boat is a chartered dive boat we use in Oahu for getting to the shipwreck dives such as the Yo-257 and the Sea Tiger wreck dives. The Kahala kai is owned and operated by Carl Mentos, Oahu captain for over 20 years.