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Oahu's Corsair Plane Wreck Hawaii

Type of Dive Visibility Max Depth Average Depth Bottom Time Difficulty 1-10
Plane-wreck 60-100ft. 115ft. 105ft. 17 Minutes 8.5

Oahu's favorite *real wreck located off of the east southeast side of Oahu- The Corsair plane wreck. Sunk in 1948 it was the casualty of poor fuel planning actually making a water landing. The pilot safely got out and the rest of the story is now great scuba diving news.

The Corsair plane scuba diving wreck sits in approximately 115 feet of cool Hawaiian Pacific waters just outside of Hawaii-kai township. The boat ride is a quick 15 minute ride and usually is a little on the rough side. This is due to the fact of where the Corsair is located- just outside of Manalua Bay. Getting ready before this Hawaii scuba dive is essential , in-other-words having all your gear ready to go before departure from the dock. Once out at the Corsair it would be disappointing if say someone's gear was not working right. So, we moor up to a line that is hooked to a large anchor below. This anchor is about 20 feet from the Corsair. Use the mooring line for this particular dive, currents are always strong here and nothing is worse than having to swim upstream to the Corsair at 115 feet.

Time goes quick on this Oahu scuba diving adventure so keep your eyes on those gauges and dive computers. Bottom times are around 16 minutes, remember this is a deep dive with no upper decks like the shipwrecks of Oahu to ride out the remainder of the dive. Notice the props of the Corsair wreck and how the props are bent indicative of a water landing. The left wing is buried completely under the sand which is the primary reason this plane has not moved after years of strong currents and swells. The open cockpit is a must for a rare chance to sit in this war bird and get that photo you always wanted. Just be careful, a big old yellow margin moray lives here so enter at your own risk. Times up, it's back on the line for a nice easy ascent up to 15 feet for a 3 minute safety stop. All in all the Corsair plane wreck of Oahu is a fun Hawaii shipwreck dive. The bottom times a little quick but it is well worth it. A chance of a lifetime to see the past !

Corsair plane wreck is Oahu's favorite vintage WW2 authentic wreck dive of Oahu. If you are an airplane enthusiast or just a wreck diving scuba diving this plane wreck will having you coming back for more. Scuba diving Oahu's Corsair is a serious dive and can be potentially dangerous. Contact us for updated dive point conditions.