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Oahu's Barge Wreck Hawaii

Type of Dive Visibility Max Depth Average Depth Bottom Time Difficulty 1-10
Shipwreck/barge 60-100ft. 80ft. 70ft. 25 Minutes 8.5

Great Oahu scuba dives are not that far away from Oahu's pristine shoreline. Getting to Hawaii shipwrecks like the Baby Barge isn't that bad. Although this Oahu scuba dive does take a little time to reach it is well worth it. The Baby Barge sits in about 80 feet of beautiful Hawaiian Pacific blue water with currents that usually flow from Diamondhead to the west to Hanauma Bay to the east. Getting to the Baby Barge takes roughly 20 minutes and can be a bumpy ride. Depending on the wind speed and direction return travel from this Hawaii scuba dive can be a wild one.

Once moored up to the Hawaii Baby Barge use the mooring line as your tool for getting down to the main surface or deck of the barge. Currents can and most likely will be strong so hang on OR keep the line within easy grabbing distance. Once down on the barge penetration is a must. This particular barge is fairly raw inside making entry into the hull interesting to say the least. Make sure all hoses both your submersible pressure gauge and alternate air source are well tucked away. The last thing you want is to have this gear damaged while penetrating.

Using a light is a good idea on this Oahu wreck. During the afternoon you can get away without taking down a flashlight but again you will get more out of this wreck taking a light with you.

Precautions on the Baby Barge Wreck Dive Hawaii

  • Make sure you understand deep diving
  • Properly plan this advanced Oahu scuba dive (we always do)
  • Use up-to-date gear, not your friends gear that you have never used
  • Pay attention to the currents, can be dangerous at this Hawaii shipwreck
  • Watch your hands, feet and head when diving around this Hawaii Shipwreck
  • Watch those air gauges. 1000PSI is a great number to start back up.
  • Safely stop at 15 feet for 3 minutes

Bottom times can be anywhere from 20-30 minutes. Everyone will have different bottom times due to factors such as their breathing styles and their all around health. Watch out for overhangs ad other protrusions that liter the inside of the Baby Barge. Keep an eye on your gauges and use the line to return back up to the boat not forgetting that 3 minute safety stop.

Join us for our daily departures to these advanced shipwreck scuba dives of Oahu. We only accept advanced scuba divers with the proper scuba diving ratings. Not an advanced diver yet ? Call us so we can discuss what type of dives you have done and your level of training. Shipwrecks in Hawaii vary in depth and skill level.

Hawaii Shipwreck Diving, scuba dive Hawaii on the Baby Barge located off of Oahu's south east shoreline. Oahu's coolest wreck diving point.