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About Hawaii Wreck Diving Tours - Oahu Scuba Diving

Welcome to Oahu's only shipwreck in Oahu, wreck diving Hawaii dedicated scuba diving company in Honolulu that caters to certified scuba divers in Hawaii. With dive charters in Oahu mixing non-certified scuba divers, snorkelers with certified divers we noticed this makes finding an advance slightly aggressive dive location hard to come by. Certified divers do not want to have their dive planned around inexperienced divers who have never been in the water before. The all too common stories we have heard "I had to wait for this beginner couple to relax before we could explore ..." is a thing of the past. You, the wreck dive Hawaii, shipwreck diving diver, this company is dedicated to you.

First time divers need not apply, here’s why!

Have you ever been on a boat where first timers slow up the works due to equalization issues, anxiety, and just plain ignorance of the open water? These problems often force experienced divers to settle for less by committing them to shallow reef dives, less independence, and shorter bottom times. With the Hawaii Ship Wreck Diving team, experienced divers get to have the experience they deserve. We want you, the certified diver, to feel in control and empowered by your experience in the water. Our motto- GO BIG OR GO HOME! The Hawaii Ship Wreck Diving team is committed to excellence. We expect the best and we give the best.

Hawaii ship wrecks possess majestic and breath-taking scenery and are packed with many historical points of interest. Backed by 10 years of combined ship wreck experience we are able to provide our clientele with the best of Hawaii’s many vacation adventures and a 100% success rate in the water. Everybody has fun and nobody misses out, that is why we don’t just “take anybody.” If you can’t hack it, don’t call.

WARNING- Ship wreck diving in Hawaii can be dangerous or even fatal.

Safety is our number 1 priority, therefore we require our divers to go through a verbal screening and be in good physical shape with no major health related issues. They must be savvy with SCUBA-gear, responsible with buddy teams, able to deal with hard or unusual water conditions, and to work well with their Dive Master.



We provide seasoned dive instructors NOT summer help to accompany you on Oahu's best wreck dives. This ensures a safe, fun and exciting scuba diving adventure in Hawaii. Our instructors have aver 10 years of wreck diving experience. We actually have fun on these shipwrecks penetrating all areas and exploring them as long as our bottom times will permit. Wrecks in Oahu are not dangerous as the wrecks you may hear about in Truk Lagoon, the coast of Florida and other wreck diving locations of the world. Our wrecks and shipwrecks are easy to get to; 10-15 minute commutes are not uncommon. Year round pleasurable diving conditions can be expected in Oahu. Our Hawaii shipwreck dives are great for all levels of certified divers. Contact us and let us know what types of dives you would like to do and we will see what wreck dive or shipwreck dive is best for you.

Not only do we offer shipwreck dives, we also offer plane wreck dives such as the Corsair plane wreck and the YS-11 plane fuselage wreck. What about wall dives ? We dive Oahu's best walls such as Portock Wall located out side of Hanauma Bay. Fancy cave diving ? We offer cave diving that doesn't need all that extra equipment. Our cave diving is a simple entry with a simple exit. We do not engage in technical cave dive, our tech diving is limited to shipwreck diving. Factually speaking Oahu does not have caves that require technical training.

Oahu Shipwrecks instructors are divers with over 5000 dives, guaranteed to show you the best of the best wreck diving in Oahu. We know these wrecks better than our families.

Our dive charters price for a 2-tank shipwreck/plane wreck dive followed by a 40-60 foot reef dive or wall dive. Please not dive conditions change daily therefore we may have to change diving location.

If you are interested in laid back, 40-60 foot reef dives we can help you with theses types of dives as well. Feel free to contact us. Again Oahu Shipwrecks is all about the certified divers and their enjoyment of fine dive locations. We dive wrecks in Oahu daily.